Saturday, August 30, 2014


Thursday, March 21, 2013


The “ULTIMATE” solution to your car’s Vinyl or PVC interior! Renews your car’s interior trim and seats without that greasy oily feeling or look!
I hate using those other vinly products on my car. They make my dash shiny and feel greasy. They do nothing to condition the vinyl.
Don’t you hate using ARM&%$$## or TUR$#**&& on your car seats, door panels…. you sit down and you almost slide off! UGH…. it’s not nice!
Try VINYLEX… it’s the only product designed and formulated for today’s automobile interiors that actually PENETRATES INTO the Vinyl or PVC. It conditions it, renews the finish, prevents cracking or peeling and DOES NOT LEAVE BEHIND AN OILY GREASY SLIPPERY FEELING or SHINE.
It’s patented, and been made in the USA since the 1960′s… and it really works!
Now, for the first time in Singapore, it’s on SALE! Just S$10.00 plus shipping for a huge 1/2 Litre Spray Bottle. It will take care of the average car’s interior for over a year or more.

Renew and refresh your car’s interior today… VINYLEX VINYL PROTECTANT

Saturday, June 30, 2012

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Welcome and I look forward to seeing your business grow online!

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


The other day I was driving in JB when I punctured the sidewall of my tire. I called John at Stamford Tires and asked his advice as to a suitable replacement. He made several suggestions and suggested that I stop by one of his stores to buy it.

First, let me say that i haven't had to buy a tire in 10 years! So, I really didn't know what to expect! When I drove into their brand new store on Kung Chong Road, I was impressed by how clean it was. (Hey... they even sell KozaK there!!).

I went to the counter, and spoke with Doris who recommended a Falken tire as a suitable replacement. I agreed, and within 15 minutes, the new tire was mounted, my spare put in the trunk, all 4 tires were cleaned and polished and the air pressure was topped up as well.

Then, I asked Doris if she knew a place to get my car washed... she smiled and pointed to her detailing bay.

OK... $12 for what turned out to be the best car wash, vacuum, and all around body scrub my Chevy ever had! The guy doing the work was energetic, enthusiastic, and just extremely professional. He even washed out the insides of my door jambs! The car never looked better...

Great service... extremely fair prices... fantastic staff and a pleasant environment. What more could you ask for?

KozaK, Lexol and Vinylex you say? YUP... they have them!! ha ha..

Seriously... what a great job they do at Stamford Tires... give them your support!

Monday, May 17, 2010

The B7- A prototype, but BEAUTIFUL CAR!

Take a look at this beauty!

Designed by Filip Tejszerski, this is a radical, gorgeous car! Here is his description of the B7:

" State of the Art electronic speed control manages everything from independent hub-motor drive and ABS braking, to adaptive wing angle adjustment. It is a true drive by wire car, with no traditional mechanical drive connections. High tech, light weight, extremely fast and agile - this design pushes the boundaries of on-road vehicle performance, and burns the way for HYBRID TECHNOLOGY."

I want one!

And... I wanna wrap my KozaK around that gorgeous nose... and Lexol her beautiful leather seats!... OK, just fantasizing a bit!